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 Winner of the ISIS AWARD at Fantasia International Festival - UK
Award Winner at Ouest Oriental Festival - France 

With graceful and high-quality performances, Roxana creates a vibrant atmosphere wherever she appears! She is an accomplished performer, instructor and choreographer skilled in several styles of Belly Dance, she can incorporate to her dance Veils, Isis wings, Fan veils, Sword and Sticks for variety and entertainment.

Roxana is known for her fun, energetic and passionate style. She is regular performer at most of Belly dance events in London and dance at high profile venues in the UK and abroad such as: The Unesco Theatre, Egyptian Embassy, The Arabic Institute in Paris and top hotels and restaurants in London (Marriott, Hilton, The South Lodge…) among others.

Do you want make your event unforgettable? Roxana offers fun and exciting family-friendly entertainment for all occasions.

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