Double fan veils technique


Roxana at Parties 20


The fusion between the mysterious Orient and the Western world.

Don’t miss the opportunity to add this romantic prop to your dancing skills!

Smooth and gracious, Fan veils are beautiful and very visual when performed on stage.

This original workshop has been designed to focus on DOUBLE FAN VEILS technique, no previous experience is required.

Students of all levels are welcome as we will use basic Belly Dance moves in order to focus on incorporating the fan veils to our dance.

In this unique workshop, you will learn how hold them, to open them gracefully, gorgeous travelling steps, dynamic turns and many more figures that Roxana has develop. We will embrace the smoothness of the fans movements and combine them with some of our undulations, eights, camels…etc.

A magical prop inspired by Classical Chinese dance. Created in the Dai region of China, they grew in popularity when performed at the Peking Opera. Around 2003, Chinese dancers started performing in the USA and it is at this time that the fan veils began circulating into belly dancing creating fusion.

Students need to bring their own set; Roxana will also bring some spare ones on the day.

REMEMBER: Space is limited to 15 students so book in advance to avoid disappointment!

Early Bird: £20 for 2h workshop

On the day: £25

Date: 28th April

Time: 2-4pm


17 Duke's Road,
London, WC1H 9PY

Winner of Isis Award competition at Fantasia International Festival 2012.

3rd Place at the competition Ouest Oriental Festival in Paris-Jan 2013

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Price: £20.00