www.londonbellydancer.co.uk is for sale!

Now that I have moved away from London, I have decided to sell my website name www.londonbellydancer.co.uk.

You can stand out from other websites with a domain name that makes it immediately clear that you are: 1) a belly dancer, and 2) based in London!

This website name is ranked highly by Google - search for 'HIRE A BELLY DANCER LONDON' and this website appears on the first page of results. This good ranking will persist when the domain name is transferred to you - so create a new website with good content, use the name www.londonbellydancer, and you will appear near the top of search results!

Please note the following conditions:

You can bid for this domain name on eBay - click on this link!. Bidding will close on Saturday 25th November.

Happy bidding!

The small print

The domain name is registered with Gandi.net. After the sale is completed, you will need to setup an account for owning/managing londonbellydancer.co.uk, either at Gandi.net, or at another registrar of your choice.

I will assume that you have the technical knowledge to set up an account, to which I will transfer ownership of the domain name. Please note that no technical assistance will be provided.

  1. If you create an account at Gandi.net - I will transfer ownership of the domain to you.
  2. If you create an account with another registrar - you will start the transfer process from your end. You will need a Transfer Authorization Key, which I will provide.